Spray Beach Hotel | Full Time




General Description

Responsible for revenue production for the hotel meeting or exceeding planned revenue objectives for RevPAR, occupancy and average daily rate (ADR).  Manages all areas of sales according to Brand standards to achieve a professional rapport within the local business community.


The director of sales is a “hands-on” manager actively involved on a daily basis in securing, qualifying and following up on leads to book specific business.


The director of sales central focus is sales!  The director of sales should not be required to assume operational responsibilities, but should spend most of his/her time selling the “product” – your hotel.


The Director of Sales will report directly to the General Manager.

Marketing and Sales Management

  • Develops/assists with development of the hotel’s marketing and action plan based on the hotel’s position and strengths within each market segment.
  • Implements hotel’s marketing and sales plan.
  • Analyzes and understands the competition’s strengths and weaknesses for each market segment and successfully directs marketing activities against each.
  • Identifies and maintains constant communications with the hotel’s key accounts.
  • Establishes lists of top accounts and top target accounts.  Maintains communication with these accounts on a monthly basis.
  • Actively sells room nights through outside sales calls, telemarketing, tours, etc.
  • Actively markets the hotel through advertising, blitzes, direct mail campaigns, etc.
  • Actively sells to in-house guests (greeting tours, talking with guests at continental breakfast to solicit additional leads, etc.).
  • Knows the competition well.  In addition, is familiar with all “business” in the market, where that “business” stays and why.
  • Uses the resources provided by the brand to surface, call on, and track potential business.

Prospecting and Qualifying

  • Seek available resources to identify leads.
  • Network with community and clients.
  • Adjust for potential loss of business due to economic and community changes.
  • Communicate brand standards in all business transactions and sales functions.

Account Management

  • Maintain system for trace files.
  • Maintain key account files and correspondence.
  • Follow-up on leads to generate source.
  • Organize and manage account tours.
  • Ensure special requests are communicated and executed.
  • Perform joint calls with sales manager.

Prospecting and Qualifying Account Management

Guest Services

  • Supports guest service as the hotel’s driving philosophy.
  • Personally demonstrates a commitment to guest service by responding to guests’ needs.
  • Actively participates in Guest Service Initiatives.

Profit Management

  • Meets or exceeds budgeted RevPAR for the hotel.
  • Prepares departmental budget that correctly reflects the hotel’s business plan.
  • Forecasts occupancy fluctuations and directs selling activities to maximize revenues.
  • Knows the hotel’s demand segments and sources of business for each and balances market segments according to supply and demand.
  • Knows the principal competition for each market segment and takes advantage of the hotel’s strengths against each competitor.
  • Accurately forecasts occupancy changes based on changing market conditions (additions to supply and demand, etc.).

Human Resources

  • Ensures that hotel employees (especially front desk staff) are familiar with key accounts and their specific needs and arrangements (rates, room types, key contacts, etc.).
  • Responsible for recruiting, selecting, orientation, evaluating, training, performance planning, pay/reward programs to maintain a qualified workforce.
  • Follows brand standards for training of ales team, ensures all training is documented.
  • Follows company standards for training and paperwork.
  • Maintains a positive cooperative work environment among hotel teams as well as sales team.
  • Ensures all sales employees know hotel’s objectives.
  • Administers personnel policies fairly and consistently.
  • Resolved employee grievances in a fair and timely manner.
  • Ensures employees understand policies, pay procedures, bonus plans and benefits.
  • Helps to develop management talent by acting as a mentor for direct reports.
  • Ensures training objectives and development plans are completed.